Passionate about film, with a love for powerful and affecting imagery, I can only explain myself as an upcoming film-maker and video content creator, looking for exciting projects in which I can further my career and in turn successfully deliver content for any willing customer.

My upbringing and education has consisted of a plethora of filmic experiences, leading me to consider the moving image a passion, tied in to my close roots from a family of photographers and creatives. I am just as capable at composing a still image as I am a moving one, with a bank of different skills aiding me to often link the two.

I also have a strong love for design and aesthetics. As I have grown up my tastes have matured to the point where I can consider myself someone who has the 'eye'. I can successfully identify when any artistic medium is appropriate and indeed affecting.

I greatly look forward to working with any potential client.

- Tom Muller, Creative Director